Contingency Debt Collection

Foster & Morris, LLC collects only commercial (B2B) debt, specializing in the collect of construction debt. We can collect your money before you are forced to spend money on an expensive lawyer. We work only on contingency and fight for every penny you are owed.

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Experienced Debt Collectors

Many agencies simply do not have the experience resolving commercial (Business-to-Business) debt. Our agents have seen just about every dispute and excuse for non payment possible. We will work to quickly resolve any issues preventing payment and facilitate a resolution.

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Legal Forwarding

We can forward your claim to an attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction that will litigate your case. Whether you have a lien to enforce or not, we make litigation as stress-free and simple as possible. This means you can focus on running your business instead of dealing with a law suit on a daily basis.

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Helping Companies Get Paid!

Foster & Morris has been helping businesses collect past due receivables since 2009. Our office in Dallas, Texas has associates that can assist in the resolution of your matter. We have real world experience in collecting commercial debt.


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