Why Did I Get A Credit Alert?

Credit Alerts Are Always Free


If you got here because you received a free credit alert, congrats!
We are happy you made it here. Our alerts are location and industry specific. We believe there is a good chance you might be at risk for future losses if you are extending credit to the customer.

If you think we have your business in the wrong category, please click here to update your profile. Let us know a little about your business and we will adjust any future alerts so they are more appropriate.

We are not your typical collection agency

Foster & Morris, LLC is bringing commercial (B2B) debt recovery into the modern age. We are leading the industry by leveraging the use of data to reduce the fees, hassles, and time consumed by dealing with traditional collection agencies.

See the FAQ’s page below for more information about our alerts and services:

Why did you send me a credit alert?

Our database indicates that your business is in the same industry as the creditor that has not been paid by the debtor in the alert.

How did you get my information?

We are constantly acquiring and updating data on businesses like yours so we can be better at our job. If you think these alerts need to go to someone else in your business please update your profile using the button above or clicking here.

So, you are trying to collect money?

Possibly, we are a collection agency, but we collect information as well as money. Alerts are generated based on any reliable information we receive and provided for free. Information may come from court records, a client placing an account for collections with us or one of our partners, or any reliable source.

How do credit alerts help?

Many times a creditor finds out too late that the same customer has defaulted on their balance with other competitors. Our goal is to provide value to the business community with our alerts and encourage debtors to resolve their balances promptly.

Can you help me collect from my customers ?

We thought you would never ask! We offer several types of debt recovery programs for our clients. Please call us at 214-382-0016 or contact us here so we can see what program works best for you.

How much does it cost?

Credit alerts are always free. Our debt recovery services are typically half the cost of traditional agencies. We promise not to waste your time with harassing phone calls and annoying sales representatives constantly asking for more accounts. Click here to see how our hassle free recovery programs.